Discover unique culture of Guernsey

3 hours Panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach

This tour is a great introduction to Guernsey and combines stunning scenery, Island culture and history. This journey will take you through the country lanes to the beautiful Little Chapel, a unique miniature church set in the quiet Guernsey countryside. Just 19 by 15 feet in size and decorated with seashells, pebbles and colorful pieces of china, its tiny alcoves barely hold 3 people at any one time. The Little Chapel was built by hand over many years by Brother Deodat of the Christian Brothers.

German fortifications

We will continue our journey  through the magical bays and sandy beaches where you will breath the sea air and learn about the from the Second World war. During the first year of occupation, the German forces built fortifications and observation towers on the cliffs and remind us today one of the difficult periods of Island’s life.

After you will be driven along stunning cliff’s with views of unique countryside French-British architecture enjoying picturesque local villages, narrow country lanes, famous Guernsey cows and fields. Passing the luxurious golf courses we will stop in the northern part of the island for a walk along the sandy beach of Pembroke. This extraordinary place can inspire you to create beautiful photos.

In the final part of the panoramic tour you will get acquainted with the industrial part of the island, the history of economic growth of the 19th century, as well as interesting traditions of the modern island life.


2nd option:

5 hours island tour, which includes: mentioned above panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach (3 hours) and walking tour at St. Peter (2 hours)

Walking Tour 2 hours

Tour start and finish at St. Peter’s port

The tour will take you around old cobbled streets of St. Peter’s port. With its cozy streets and picturesque seafront marina, it is easy to see why St Peter Port is considered one of Europe’s prettiest harbor towns. Guernsey’s capital has been a busy port since Roman times. We’ll visit the main St. Peter’s Cathedral – parish church with beautiful stained glass windows and learn about 1000 years of Guernsey’s history. You will learn about the unusual architecture and the history of the main buildings of the capital and difficult relations between France, the Channel Islands and England. You’ll enjoy gardens, outdoor theatre performances (during the summer), cafes and shops in all a full Guernsey historical experience.

Visiting Castle Cornet

Extra hour (walking tour) 

Castle Cornet

Walk along the waterfront towards the Castle Cornet. St. Peter’s port is hiding centuries of storms and shipwrecks, smugglers and privateers stories. Castle Cornet is one of the famous Guernsey’s symbols.  First built in the 13th century, was rebuilt and expanded by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I in the years after 1600 to adapt the change in warfare from bows and arrows to artillery and guns. The walkway which connect Castle Cornet to St. Peter’s port was built in 1860.

2 options:

3  hour panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach

5 hour Island tour, which includes: panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach (3 hours) and walking tour of St. Peter (2 hours)


* If the cruise ship’s port stop will be for more than 6 hours, we can offer an optional visit to the Castle Cornet (additional £11 adult ticket,  £3.50  child ticket)

Approximate schedule:

(depends of the cruise ships arrival time and the size of group)

*Usually there is no possibility for a cruise ship passengers to have a tour lasting longer than 5 hours, passengers are delivered to the island by small boats (up to 7-9 people per boat).

It takes about an hour for all members of a big group to arrive on shore. Passengers should return to the cruise ship at least an hour before departure and, please, keep in mind, that only way for people to reach their cruise ship is using those small boats.

8:00 – Arrival to the Guernsey port

9:00 – Meeting with the guide at the shore

9:00 – 12:00 – 3 hours Panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach or 5 hour Island tour


We are always happy to create a customised tour to meet your specification/ interests!


Panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach (3 hours):

  •         1-3 pax in standard car: £  355 – instant confirmation
  •         Up to 6 pax: £ 390- on request
  •         Up to 15 pax: £ 470- on request
  •         Up to 21 pax: £515 – on request
  •         Up to 32 pax: £575– on request
  •         Up to 42 pax:  £670 – on request

Special 5 hours tour (depends on the time of the cruise in the harbour) 

3 hours panoramic tour by car/ van/ coach and 2 hours walking tour, excluding visit to Castle Cornet):

Prices includes transport for 3 hours and guide for 5 hours

  •         Individual tour: 3 pax: £ 390
  •         4-6 pax: £ 480
  •         7- 15 pax: £ 575
  •         15-21 pax: £ 625
  •         22- 32 pax: £ 675
  •         32 – 42 pax: £760

Walking tour including visit to Castle Cornet (4 hours):

Price per group up to 15 pax: £ 200 GBP

(not including entranceCastle Cornet: £ 11, children under 7 – free, children and students  – £3.50).


Languages on request: French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Latvian, Swedish.


Important information:

We urge you to book groups early as there are a limited number of larger capacity vehicles available on the island.


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