About Jersey

Jersey is the beautiful pearl of the English Channel it is an independent jurisdiction, distinct from the UK with its own government, its own bank notes, and independent tax raising powers & Post Office Jersey is 45 square miles or 116 square Km, measuring 9 miles which is 14 km in length It has a population of just over 87,000 however over half the population was not born in Jersey making it a very cosmopolitan place to live. Situated 114 miles (182 km) south of mainland Britain, and 14 miles (22 km) from the coast of France, the nearest French port being St Malo Jersey is geographically much closer to France than the UK.

Jersey is the most southerly of the Channel Islands and might claim the best sunshine record in the British Isles. Warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream, summer temperatures average 20°C, it very rarely if ever has snow in the winterIt is generally thought that the best time to visit Jersey is between May and early October when the westerly storms that keep Jersey so lush are less likely.

Jersey’s currency is sterling. They do have their own coins and notes, although they are identical in size to the UK. UK sterling currency is accepted in all shops, hotels etc, although you may receive change in Jersey coins and notes which are not accepted in the UK and cannot be exchanged for Sterling or taken by a foreign exchange outside the UK.

English is the main language spoken in Jersey. Le Jerriais is the native language of the Island and is a blend of Norse and Norman French although many of the official ceremonies take place in Jerriaise you will rarely if ever hear it spoken elsewhere.

As Jersey is not part of the EU, duty free items can still be purchased on route to the island from the EU. There is a maximum allowance and any items in excess of the allowance are liable to VAT. Jersey has a very strict policy against recreational drugs and a vigilant customs service present at all the ports of entry.

In Jersey the hotels and guesthouses cater for every taste and every budget. All tourist accommodation is graded and inspected by Jersey Tourism, thus ensuring that every establishment meets your expectations.

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