In the Spring of 2010 Jersey’s bank notes will be given a new look for the first time in 18 years.

We have been given only a glimpse of the new designs but we have been told Jersey will keep the pound note. The Jersey Treasury Minister was asked if there were plans to remove the pound note he confirmed it will remain in circulation. The one pound note is popular and is part of Jersey culture. Senator Ozouf told the States of Jersey, in response to Constable Mezbourian’s question that the one pound note will be an important part of the new family of Jersey Notes.

It is thought around £70 million worth of Jersey currency is in circulation which raises millions of pounds for the States annually. The States of Jersey started issuing its own notes and coins on a regular basis in 1963.

Jersey £20 note 2011Jersey £10 note back 2011notes 10 20 backJersey 50 Pounds Note 1993Jersey 1 Pound Note 2004(1)Jersey1 Pound Note 1989Jersey 20 Pound note 1976Jersey 5 Pound note 1976Jersey 1 Pound note 1976(2)Jersey 1 Pound Note 1976(1)Jersey 10 Pound note 1972Jersey 5 Pound note 1840(2)Jersey 5 Pound note 1840(1)Jersey 6 Pence note 1941(1)Jersey 1 Shilling note 1941Jersey 1 Pound note 2004Jersey 1 Pound note 1989Jersey 20 Pound 1976Jersey 5 Pounds note 1976Jersey 1 Pound note 1976Jersey 10 Pound note 1963Jersey 10 Shilling note 1941Jersey 1 Pound note 1963Jersey 6 Pence note 1941Jersey 5 Pound note 1840

18 years ago Jersey’s bank notes were re-designed, those in circulation at the moment are based designs from 1989. The new set of designs will we are told will be based on the places and landmarks which make Jersey special.

However the Queen will remain on the front of all the notes. There have been some talk of Jersey becoming completely independent and if the Queen would then feature on our notes is debatable.

Jersey Still has its own coins as shown below which also feature the head of the queen.

Jersey Pound CoinJersey 20 Pence Coin(1)Jersey 5 Penny CoinJersey 1 Penny CoinJersey 10 Pence CoinJersey 2 Pence CoinJersey 1 Pound CoinJersey 50 Pence CoinJersey Five Pence CoinJersey Ten Pence CoinJersey 20 Pence coin(2)

It is interesting to note that the printer of the notes Thomas De La Rue and Company Limited which was created by the original Thomas De La Ru who moved to London from Guernsey in 1816 and as a master printer started printing bank notes under a royal warrant in 1860.

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