Cycling in Jersey

A Family Staycation on the Isle of Jersey

While the economic challenges have tightened the budgets for family holidays, aspiring vacationers have come up with some creative ways of escaping to a foreign land right within the ...

Fliquet Bay

Fliquet Bay is located on the far north-eastern corner of Jersey just north of St Catherine’s breakwater. Fliquet Bay enjoys panoramic views and it is possible to see France on a clear day. ...
Jersey Cow

The Jersey Cow

Origins of the Breed The history of the Jersey cow can be traced back to 6000 BC in the middle east and although it is difficult to prove our ...
Beauport Bay

Beauport Bay

Beauport Bay has a stretch of sheltered sand which is without a doubt one of the beaches Jersey’s is most famous for. It is used regularly in Jersey tourism ...
Archirondel Beach

Archirondel Beach

Archirondel beach is on the North East coast of Jersey and the breakwater is the remains of the plans to build a large harbour. The harbour was to stretch ...

The ferry Journey from Poole to Jersey

The ferry between Poole and Jersey is a fast ferry that operates a regular service daily between Poole Harbour and Jersey Harbour. Poole is situated on the south coast ...
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