Archirondel Beach

Archirondel beach is on the North East coast of Jersey and the breakwater is the remains of the plans to build a large harbour. The harbour was to stretch to St Catherine”s breakwater where the entrance to the harbour would have been. The tower and breakwater give Archirondel its character and give it shelter from wind and rough sea.

Very popular with families Archirondel has rocks to climb, smooth shingle on the beach leading down to clean smooth sand perfect for building sand castles or sunbathing.

Archirondel Cafe

Archirondel Cafe

The Martello Tower is painted red and white so it can be used as navigational point by vessels at sea. Rarely crowded with a an excellent cafe on the edge of the beach Archirondel is also a great place to launch a canoe or kayak because of the sheltered nature of the beach.

Archirondel from St Catherine

Archirondel from St Catherine’s Breakwater

Although safe for swimming it is good to remember the beach gets deep very quickly at high tide and the smooth pebbles can be slippery underfoot making you get into the water a bit sooner than anticipated.

Archirondel Jersey

Archirondel Jersey

The sun goes behind the headland in Casino . the late afternoon so it is a beach best enjoyed in earlier part of the day. Recommended by the Marine Conservation Society. The breakwater and rocks offer the opportunity for the competent swimmer to dive into the sea at high tide making this popular for after work swims and picnics.

Archirondel Beach Jersey

Archirondel Beach Jersey

If you look a little further behind the cafe you will find remnants of the German Occupation of Jersey in the shape of grey cement gun emplacements which are now overgrown and just another part of Archirondel beach.

Parking: Easy can get busy arrive early there is extra parking on the left at the top.

Access: Easy over smooth pebbles

Bus service: 1b

Refreshments: Excellent Cafe

Deck Chair Hire: No

Water sports: no Hire

Toilets: Yes

Disabled Toilets: Yes (the cafe is suitable for the disabled the beach is less suitable)

Lifeguards: No

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