About Jersey Journey Boutique

St Brelades Bay

St Brelades Bay

let us explain why our company is called Jerzzy Journey Boutique.

Why Jerzzy?

Jerzzy Journey Boutique is based in and operated from Jersey in the Channel Islands.

We chose Jersey because of its uniqueness and culture, it is a place with a rainbow of people (50% of the population was not born in the Island), it also very cosmopolitan.

You will have a unique and diverse experience in this little haven.

Why Journey?

Journeys differ from holidays because they are richer and have a purpose or a theme as well as a destination. We create bespoke tailor made journeys as holidays.

Your journey can be a Cultural Journey, Educational Journey, Gastronomic Journey, Active Journey, Relaxing Journey and we will even create a Journey with you as the theme.

Why Boutique?

Boutique means hand picked carefully selected , so we carefully select your destinations, hotels and restaurants.

We pick the best available and tailor it to fit your individual budget and expectations.

We will have an English/Russian/Hebrew speaker with extensive local knowledge on hand to soften your landing.

You can come and get a life changing experience or even if you just want a little bit more from a holiday come and celebrate life with us at the Jersey Journey Boutique.

Sailing Adventure in Jersey

Sailing Adventure in Jersey

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